Why Not Nick?

This site evolved to nurture a long-term connection rarely found on Hinge, in a loud bar, through an overzealous friend, etc.

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Nick at-a-glance:

is a Libra (9/25)

prefers women

is no longer looking

lives near Dolores Park

is applying for an MBA


killed the GMAT (99th percentile)

loves Vampire Weekend...

... and has seen them 8+ times

can barely swim

plays soccer

hangs out in dives

has killer dance moves

A few of Nick's many hobbies:

What brought him here


Nick was born and raised in St. Paul, MN


He studied International Economics at Georgetown (graduating MCL)

After College

He worked in consulting in Minneapolis for a few years...

Westward Ho!

...and then sold out, moving to a PE shop in San Francisco

What Nick is looking for:

San Francisco-based



a world traveler

mostly active



I'd marry Nick if [my current boyfriend] died.

His roommates's significant other

Nick is both sweet and silly - I've never laughed harder in my life than when watching him get up on stage in front of a crowd and dance for me. He will make you feel special.

Former romantic partner

Nick is a smart, funny, and sweet human being. His midwestern spirit and charm makes him a gem in the dating market these days. He's as loyal as a puppy and will make a great dad someday!

An ex-girlfriend

...diligent, enterprising, sociable, engaging, analytical...

A close friend

Honestly, if I were going into battle I probably wouldn't choose Nick. Fortunately, we do not battle.

Former soccer teammate

Diligent, enterprising, sociable, engaging, analytical? I agree.

Another close friend who got a little confused

My life changed a little bit after seeing this website.

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